Restorations and Repairs

Clocks Restored will help you find  professionals that can repair or restore your cherished timepiece to near its original condition. Appropriate techniques are used in restorations and care is given to preserve historic integrity. Find Grandfather, Grandmother, and Granddaughter clocks, mantle and wall clocks, cuckoo clocks, novelty clocks, and a variety of other fine timepieces.

Mechanical - Electric Clocks – Cuckoo - Anniversary Clocks - Novelty Clocks
American – German – Italian - Wrist and Pocket Watches

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Restoration and Repair Resources to:
- Rebuild clock motors
- Rewind coils
- Rebuild sealed capsule rotors
- Make all necessary repairs to your electric clocks

History of the clock
A clock is an instrument for measuring, indicating and mantaining the time. The word "clock" is derived ultimately from the Celtic words clagan and clocca meaning "bell". For horologists and other specialists the term "clock" continues to mean exclusively a device with a striking mechanism for announcing intervals of time acoustically, by ringing a bell, a set of chimes, or a gong. A silent instrument lacking such a mechanism has traditionally been known as a timepiece. In general usage today, however, a "clock" refers to any device for measuring and displaying the time which, unlike a watch, is not worn on the person.

Types of clocks:

  • Alarm clock
  • Analog clock with digital display
  • Astronomical clock
  • Atomic clock
  • Balloon clock
  • Binary clock
  • Bracket clock
  • Carriage clock
  • Cartel clock
  • Chiming clock
  • Clock network
  • Clock of the Long Now
  • Clock tower
  • Countdown clock
  • Cuckoo clock
  • Data clock for timescapes created with time-technology
  • Digital clock
  • Doll's head clock
  • Electric clock
  • Flip clock
  •  Floral clock
  • Game clock
  • Hourglass
  • Japanese clock
  • Lantern clock
  • Lighthouse Clock
  • Longcase (or "grandfather") clock
  • Master clock
  • Mantel clock
  • Musical clock
  • Paper clock
  • Pedestal clock
  • Pendulum clock
  • Projection clock
  • Quartz clock
  • Radio clock
  • Railroad chronometers
  • Reference clock
  • Rolling ball clock
  • Shelf clock
  • Sidereal clock
  • Skeleton clock
  • Slave clock
  • Slave clocks
  • Speaking clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Striking clock
  • Sundial
  • Talking clock
  • Tall-case clock
  • Tide clock
  • Time ball
  • Time clock
  • Tower clock
  • Torsion pendulum clock
  • Watch
  • Water clock
  • World clock
Clock Brands include Mastercrafters, GE, Herschede, Barr, Jefferson Electric, Westinghouse, Sangamo, Lux, Electric Tower clocks,Welch, Hermle, Anker, Ridgeway, Sligh, Keinzle, Mason & Sullivan, Boston, Mobier, Vienna Regulators,Hones,Standard Electric, Self-winding, Poole, Haddon, Ingraham, Westclox, Waterbury, Ansonia, Gustav Becker, Daneker, Howard Miller, Tempus Fugit, Chelsea, Gilbert, Welby, King Arthur, Chauncey Jerome, Wanamaker,Time Recorders, Car clocks,Revere, Spartus, Telechron, Seth Thomas, New Haven, Hammond, Mystery clocks, Waltham, Junghans, Pearl, Walter Durfee, Elliott,Schatz, Mauthe, Linden, New England, Plymouth,Western Union, Anniversary clocks and Gilbraltor. 2008